About Us

AIQ is a top home improvement online magazine, widely considered the prime resource within the market.

AIQ is dedicated to providing accurate and relevant information, ideas and professional insights, to assist readers in making the wisest choices when it comes to remodeling or fixing up their homes.

At AIQ we value our readers' time and busy schedules and have therefore designed our online magazine in a simple, client friendly format, designed to provide the readers with all the information required quickly and efficiently.

With that in mind, the magazine provides a wealth of information in a choice of formats, including full length articles, how-to-do clips, summarized everyday tips and more.

AIQ is managed and operated by a team of experts in the field, with contractors, writers, editors, advisers and financial experts providing resourceful information to subscribers and occasional readers as one.

AIQ as an ever-growing online resource is regarded nationwide as the prime choice for consumers and suppliers within the US Home improvement industry.

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